Spiritual space in Hong Kong

By Brandon Ellis It's easy to get swept into the allure of Hong Kong's neon signs and busy streets — the grandeur of the city has that effect. But as most people would probably agree, the more time you spend in a place, the more likely you are to start noticing the little things. And as I've…Read more Spiritual space in Hong Kong

An Exercise in Reflection: Thoughts on an airplane

By Brandon Ellis Flash forward to a year later and I'm back on the plane. By 3 p.m I had already navigated three airports, flown in a Cessna 402 with a handful of other brave souls, and been greeted by the cheerful security in Newark, NJ. Now, it was just a waiting game. A 14 hour…Read more An Exercise in Reflection: Thoughts on an airplane

An Exercise in Reflection: Hong Kong

By Brandon Ellis After weeks of mental preparation, planning, paperwork and packing it was finally time to leave for Hong Kong. I had already experienced a fair amount of air travel within the United States but this, this was on another level. Prior to this trip, my longest plane ride must have been roughly four…Read more An Exercise in Reflection: Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Not in my wildest dreams did I believe that I'd have the opportunity to see Hong Kong. Three times. Here are the spoils I've collected along the way.

An Exercise in Reflection: My Introduction to World Travel

"And so, every now and then, the experiences we have are so profound that we find ourselves compelled to let them guide us."